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Hard surface kitbash vol.2 kit-ops ready

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The Hard Surface kit is a massive asset pack containing hard surface/sci-fi models, Radials, bolts, nuts and cables segments and connectors.

Hii.. I am Ian Taylor and the main purpose for making this kit-bash was to save some time for your projects in this kit your will find many models that can be used in your projects.

kitops ready just

Each model and cutters are made with a specific purpose and is perfect to fill your environment or just go crazy and make something unique combine all the models.

The pack comes at a groundbreaking price of only $5.

You'll have access to these files forever and ever, and you are welcome to use them in any of your scenes for any reason whatsoever.

Re-distributions of the pack itself is not permitted, but if you were to monetize a scene containing some of the models that would be fine.

There are a total of 120 models in this pack with uv's.(raw file also included)

This kit come in FBX(.fbx), wavefront(.obj), blender(.blend) formats .

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(8 ratings)
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Hard surface kitbash vol.2 kit-ops ready

8 ratings
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